Tuesday, 24 November 2009

feeling dotty......

Today is yet another dismal and dreary day, feeling a bit swamped and a little low with a bit of a sniffle and a lot of work to do, but what should arrive in the post? My prize from a giveaway run by the gorgeous dots and spots. I was very very lucky to win a set of their completely fabulous Christmas Pudding Cards which I may just have to frame instead of sending out to anyone! This has cheered me up no end and I'm feeling happy again, yay! :oD
Thank you dots and spots!


Monday, 23 November 2009

Busy season........

I had my 2nd Christmas fair of the season last Friday. Here's a shot of my wee stall. I wanted a more festive table for the Christmas season so opted for a bright red table cloth, mini tree and some little LED lights. Unfortunately some little hands broke my newly (painstakingly) stitched heartfelthandmade garland so will have to fix that before it's next outing and maybe a repositioning could be in order too! Luckily I have a poster coming from Vista Print this week as a back-up plan!

My next BIG fair is wemake christmas at Chelsea Town Hall on Sat 5 Dec 11am. My lovely friend Becky, from Isla B baby, is coming to help me on the day as we are travelling by train and I'm trying desperately hard to work out how to add height to my stall without having to lug big boxes with us on the train, perhaps folding boxes are the way forward and a big suitcase! Nevertheless, I'm hugely looking forward to it.

Before that though I have a little table at a local toddler group this Thursday with some of the More Than A mama team, this should be fun. I shall also be updating the More Than a Mama blog this week with pics from all the stalls at last friday's fair, such a hot bed of talent and there's so many more talented mamas waiting in the wings for stalls that we feel really overwhelmed by all the clever locals!

I have Maddie's 6th birthday party on Saturday too so somewhere during the week I need to rush out and buy some essential bits and bobs for the Fashion Make-over Party!!

I haven't forgotten about those Christmas orders from my lovely customers.....I'm steadily working my way through them in plenty of time for Christmas!

Anyway, enough rambling about what I'm going to be doing, I must just 'button it' and get on with my to do list!


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

excited and exhausted!

My next fayre is nearly upon us (aarrrrgggghhhh!) and I've been busy making more gingerbread men, toothy monsters and hair clip holders. I've also made a few corsages and girlie hairbands, photos to follow after another couple of late night sewing sessions and hopefully I'll have everything ready!

I have also been busy writing the More Than a Mama blog too, if you haven't seen it yet head on over there and have a read, there's features on clever mums and dads and ideas on crafts and recipes and a Giveaway.

Happy crafting, I'll see you on the other side!



Sunday, 15 November 2009

getting into the swing of things.....

With my first fair of the Christmas 2009 variety over I have been working on my stock levels for the next few........
I LOVE Christmas, mainly because of the smell of Nigella Lawson Gingerbread muffins, lighting a spiced apple scented candle or two and slowly adding a few more twinkly lights and the odd decoration around the house from the beginning of November! I also adore the opportunity of indulging my love of the gingerbread man and make lots and lots and lots!
For the fair last week I made some new Tooth Fairy Monsters, this time of the one-eyed variety and they sold out, hurrah!
I just had to make a batch of hair clip holders too as they really sell well at the fairs.
Plus I added a few little Robin Red Breast decorations, not forgetting to add the heart ribbon tags that I'm also rather obsessed with at the moment.
I always make some personalised Christmas decorations too, these are the red and green versions, I'm also making some of these in red and white.
I'd better crack on and sew, sew, sew. In the meantime, here's some more of my gingerbread men. They are not just for Christmas you know!


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Giveaway Time!

I'm very excited to announce my latest giveaway, hosted by the More Than A Mama blog. YAY!

This giveaway will be running from now up until the next More Than A Mama Christmas fayre at The Berkhamsted Town Hall, on Friday 20th November (9am-12.30pm) and is exclusive to their lovely blog readers.

So what can you win? Well, I'm offering the lucky winner a super cute Toothy Monster of their very own. If you haven't been introduced yet, Toothy is your buddy and has very close connections with the Tooth Fairy. Place a little toothy peg in his pocket eye, hang him up by the bed and the Tooth Fairy will know where to find it and may possibly and very probably leave a little treat in it's place!
So, what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this little creature?

Just head on over to the More Than A Mama blog and find out!

Good luck everyone!


Saturday, 24 October 2009

my first Christmas Fair is fast approaching.....

Yep, I'm all signed up for 4 fairs (plus a couple of smaller events) this festive season and I need to get into gear if I'm to have plenty of stock! My first fair for Christmas'09 is at a local school. I'm really impressed with the quality and quantity of stall holders they have confirmed and, with all the goodies on offer, I'm destined to do a bit of shopping too and possibly nibble on a couple of mince pies and a sip of mulled wine to wash it down with.......
Here are some of my 'fair-makes' so far.......let the sewing frenzy commence!
Christmas puds
my favourite.....gingies!
little Christmas cottages

Happy crafting everyone!

p.s. still have sickly children, both of them now, poor little coughing and spluttering angels, bless....

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

...mini holders and poorly mini people

Here are my new mini hairclip holders, great to take on your travels and adventures. Clip them to your bag, belt, keyring.......take them with you anywhere.

I made this batch for my eldest daughter, Maddie's, 6th birthday party. They will go in the girls' party bags, this year Maddie has chosen a fashion makeover theme (aged 6 going on 16!). We have neon pink hair mascara, glittery tattoos, make up, nail polish, pretty hair clips and a rail full of 'fashion' items (a mix of charity shop and new finds with sparkly belts and scarves and fluffy things!). But Maddie is a bit poorly today so she is lying on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket watching Beauty and the Beast, sounds like a perfect duvet day, someone pass the family sized bag of Doritos!


Friday, 9 October 2009

....parties parties parties

Party season is just getting started, the girl's have a bowling party to go to tomorrow and then it's parties nearly every weekend from now until Christmas. Not to mention a halloween party I'm throwing for the kids and their pals AND Maddie's 6th Bday party (can't believe she'll be 6).

I handed over an order for some girly party bag favours yesterday......these personalised cupcake hairclip holders were just right for a young lady celebrating her 11th birthday.

I also managed to list them in my shops (etsy and folksy) yesterday and received an order for 5 of them this morning! Yay! makes me smile :o)

Not only that but my lovely customer blogged about them too.....check out her blog and her beautiful handcrafted jewellery too.

I've also made a mini 'travel' version of these hairclip holders for Maddie's party favours, I'm a bit ahead of myself for a change as her party is not until the end of Nov but with 4 fairs planned for the festive season I need to get my act together, nevermind the mountain of paperwork waiting for me......... I will post pics of the mini/travel version soon, just waiting for my split rings to arrive to add to them....

Bye-bye for now,

Thursday, 8 October 2009

...and the winner is....

Thank you to all of you who took the time to enter my little monster competition and telling me about this year's costumes, very entertaining indeed. But there could only be one winner, so we put everyone's names into the witches hat (held by Maddie)........

......had a good old delve around.......

........picked out one piece of paper .........

....don't hold us in suspense......who is it Maddie?

yay! congratulations Holly, monster goodies are on their way to you....what's that coming over the hill is it a monster? is it a monster??....

Thanks again everyone, I will run a little christmas giveaway in the not too distant future.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My Monster Giveaway Competition is now closed

I shall reveal the winner later on today when Maddie gets home from school to pick the winner from the witches hat!

Good luck everyone :)


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Folksy Finds....

My little shortcake/gingerbread man has been featured over on found on folksy - yippee!

Thanks so much to Glassprimitif for spotting him!



Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Hi all, Halloween is fast approaching and I've reached a little milestone here on my blog with 100 followers, thank you all so much!

So lets celebrate with a little Monster Giveaway.

To be in with a chance of winning some Monster goodies all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what you or your children will be dressing up as on Halloween this year.

A winner will be be picked from the (witches) hat in 7 days time.

Have fun and good luck everyone!

p.s. the competition is open to all, worldwide!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

In the post today....

....was a copy of Sew Magazine and guess who's inside it?
Meeeeeeeee, yay! I've got a couple of mentions which is fab, I'm super chuffed. Thanks Emily from Sew Mag :o)
Fellow crafter and flickr pal kittyeden was in there again too.
Hip hip hooray for handmade!


Monday, 28 September 2009

getting a tad excited about.......

.....Christmas! Yeah, I know, I'm a bit premature but Im just in a Christmas mood today, planning the next More Than A Mama Christmas fayres (we have 2, our usual morning fayre on 20 Nov and a festive evening event with twinkly lights and tinsel on 9 Dec!). I'm also excited, and a little scared, of my first We Make fair on 5 Dec at Chelsea Town Hall...........I so need to get my sewing head on.....! Today I've also posted an article over on a local website called Berkhamsted People, all about the MTAM gang. I must really stop all this talking and start making instead!


Sunday, 27 September 2009

I'm back!

My stall

I've been underground for a bit, busy sewing and preparing for the lastest More Than A Mama fayre last Thurs. We had a great turn out and I sold out of my hairclip holders, I just wish I'd made more than the 14 I had made! There were lots of wonderful stalls there, unfortunately I was placed next to the handmade chocolates and almost opposite the handmade cupcakes........ I bet you can guess what my diet consisted of that day!

Sleepy Monsters

I made a variation of my Toothy Monsters.....The Sleepy Monster! At my last couple of fairs a few people bought a Tooth Fairy Monster to use for the Sleep Fairy instead, trying to encourage their little ones to sleep through the night (or at least remain in their rooms!). So, instead of a pocket eye for the tooth, the Sleepy Monster has a pocket mouth for a treat from the Sleep Fairy.
I could really do with trying this out on my youngest. I can count on 2 hands the number of nights she has slept by herself in her own room since she was born!

Toothy Monsters

My one eyed pet creature keyrings were out in force too!

I've had a little burst of Christmas energy too and made a few little cottages to add to my festive creations.

Now, I will be getting on with the orders I had put on hold in order to sew, sew, sew like a mad woman in time for the fair. Thank you lovely customers for being so patient. Outstanding orders will go out this week.

Bye for now,