Thursday, 30 July 2009

Juicy Fruity Summer

Right, enough of this dismal summer rain, (although the sun has finally made an appearance this afternoon), but I need brightening up, get your shades, here comes some colour!
First off, a selection of the colourful felt and fabrics used for my Tooth Fairy Monsters, I've even begun to add a hair bow to girlify (is that even a word?) the Miss Tooth Fairy Monsters!
Hair Clip Holders have been revamped too, here is the one I made for my girls, a little blonde cutie with a rainbow ribbon.....
....and here it is in all it's glory - fully utilised as you can see with a LOT of hairclips, in fact, I think maybe all the girls' clips are on it, apart from the ones down the side of their beds, those down the back of the sofa, the ones on the hair of GirlsWorld and in various other places, mmmm, maybe I should make another one!
Keeping up with my bright theme, I recently sent out a custom order for a garland to co-ordinate with a particular height chart, hopefully I've succeeded with this colourful and cheery stars banner. Oh how I loved using all these colours together.
In the meantime, week 2 of summer hols is nearly at an end, and we have been painting pottery today. We won't pick up the finished products until next week, I can't wait to see how our unicorn, kitty and pen holder have turned out.....hopefully not the hot mess we left them in! I'm hoping the glazing and 'cooking' process (I know that's not the correct term, but the proper one escapes me!) has turned them from 'none too pretty' ducklings into beautiful swans.....we will see......over and out.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

sock project...

A while back, my friend, the lovely Becky from Isla B Baby , let me borrow a fantastic book of hers by Miyako Kanamori about creating soft friends from socks and gloves.

Well, I adore sock toys and have been waiting for a tiny window of opportunity in order to make some of my own. Well, a tiny window appeared yesterday afternoon and once I'd started, I couldn't stop!

I was so impatient to see the end results that I must admit the stitching is none too neat and I can make many many improvements but the end results are cute and much loved by their new owners! Not a bad effort for a first go.

I had such fun making these soft sock friends that I can see an obsession forming! Now, what shall I make next.... maybe a stripey lamb....I will be sure to introduce you to him soon.....

Friday, 24 July 2009

Being blogged and long summer hols

My Tooth Fairy Monsters have been featured on a fab blog by Laura Young, a fellow Folksy and Etsy crafter. Thank you Laura!

It's been a busy week, first week of the school holidays and it's been jam-packed with activities, which means I haven't been able to get much work done, but I've been having lots of fun with my girls so that's ok!

A particular hit this week was PYO at Grove Farm, we went with some friends, managing to dodge the rain and came home with a sizeable stash of strawberries, raspberries, peas, potatoes, blackberries and carrots and the obligatory strawberry stained lips! I think we will be having fun on the farm again very soon, if only it would stop raining.....

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I've been blogged about!

My Happy Birthday Banner has been featured over on Three Peats Blog, thank you!! Check out her other lovely etsy garland finds and her beautiful jewellery too!

Charity Cake Break

I must admit I am rather 'caked out' this afternoon! The reason being the wonderful 'Cake Break' I attended this morning at my lovely friend Jo's house. It was her second charity cake and coffee morning, in aid of MS, and it was a wonderful success. I ate A LOT of yummy homemade cakes and drank a lot of delicious coffee (I'm a coffee addict and managed 3 or 4 in the space of 2 hours!). My contribution was the gingerbread cakes (thanks to Nigella's foolproof recipe) with homemade lemon curd.
Jo from Stealing Candy hosted the 'Cake Break'
I made some cupcake magnets and donated them to the 'Cake Break', and local illustrator, Katy Leigh, donated some of her gorgeous cards too.

My little girl Georgie, aged 3, had a tough time deciding on which cake to eat, so she tried most of them, like mother like daughter!

It was mums, cakes, babies, cakes, tea, coffee and doggie galore!

Thank you Jo for hosting another lovely coffee and cake morning in aid of MS, Jo's mum has had MS from a very young age and any support we can give the charity is much appreciated and well deserved!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Pink swapping....

Just a quickie, before I get back to my stitching! The handmade co. pink swaps were sent just over a week ago now. Here they sent packages to my flickr swap partners, hope they like them.

I've received one of my packages and what a gorgeous package it is, can't wait to start using the napkin holder, lovely! Thank you! x