Thursday, 25 November 2010

Banner Time

Waking up to a light sprinkling of snow made me feel so Christmassy this morning, although that soon changed when I got brain freeze on the walk back from school, must get myself a big woolly hat. 
So, what with the snow and all, it may very well still only be November (and I'm not normally one for decking the halls this early), but I've been in the loft and brought down the boxes marked 'XMAS'. I surprised myself at how well packed they were, I must have had a burst of organisation as I packed them away in January. I don't know about you, but I have an expensive addiction..... to Christmas magazines. I've bought so many that I got home on Monday with a shiny new plastic wrapped magazine of Christmas promise only to realise that I'd bought that one already, so that's it now, I am STOPPING with the magazine obsession....I've even kept old Christmas mags from 2007.... please tell me I'm not the only one? 

Anyway, I'm off now to post off an order, I was there the other day with 8 parcels all going Air Mail to various far off destinations (all needing customs labels filled out and proofs of postage) and there was quite a queue forming behind me - but I never look back these days as I know there'll always be a few huffy puffy noises coming from the queue - oops). 
But here's a few new banners in the meantime.....

Hope there's not too much snow where you are today, I ordered 2 new PINK sledges the other day for the girls (of course) just in case we get snowed in again like we did last winter! Have fun.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Giveaway Time!

Want to win this cute Owl Hair Clip Holder? Then head on over to Scented Sweetpeas' blog and enter the competition. There's is also a little interview to read too :o)

The giveaway will close on 6 Dec so get your entries in soon. Thank you Scented Sweetpeas for hosting the giveaway for me and for the lovely interview too, good luck everyone :o)

Monday, 22 November 2010


Okay, so lets ignore the huge elephant in the room and not mention the severe lack of posts of late.... right so, apart from a couple of local fairs, sewing orders in time for final Christmas posting dates to the States and Australia and sickly children what have I been up to? Well, I guess that's about it really. The More Than A Mama fayre on the 12th Nov was enormously successful so I'm looking forward to the next one on Wed 8th Dec, with mulled wine, pampering, twinkly lights and festive music, not to mention it's my birthday that day, I may have to give away little gifts to the first 10 customers at my stall that night :o)

I had a stall at Craft Fair last Saturday too which was slow but not too sad, I'm glad I brought along some sewing, not to mention the HUGE advantage of having Nevie-Pie Cakes at the stall next to me, breakfast and lunch that day consisted of a mince pie, a vanilla cupcake and a delicious macaroon too, I think that covered most of the food groups, oh and I chomped on a home made sausage roll, so that's the protein box ticked too!

Anyway, to keep you updated on some festive creations, here's a few pics to keep you going until the next posting, whenever that may be....


There you have it, short but sweet, I shall return soon (ish). Hope everyone's doing well with their festive creations, fairs and such-the-like, have fun :o)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


It's true, I'm guilty of a blog blip yet again.
As I've said before, I'm doing lots of fairs this month and next and I've been stitching away making stock and trying to get on with some very lovely orders too. So, before you think I've gone and left the country, here's some of my latest makes, these will be on my stall on FRIDAY, eeeek, still so much to do. I shall be at the More Than A Mama Christmas Fayre at Berkhamsted Civic Centre on Frriday 12th Nov from 9am-12.30pm, hope some of you can make it.

So here are some of the goodies I'll have at my stall...
as well as some...
Tooth Fairy Monsters, Little Birdie Tooth Fairy Pillows, Bookmarks & Moustache Pencils.

So much to do still, I'm off to sew, hope you are all having a productive week.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Display dilemma...

so....I've signed up for a billion and one fairs over the Christmas period and thoughts always turn to my table and genius ways in which to display my wares...
I've done a fair few of these now and always plan to be able to set up my stall in record time, all priced and labelled in advance but inevitably I'm always up all night labelling and still faffing around with my display as the first customers begin to trickle in. 
This year I have two sets of shelf units, painted white, that I plan to string up some of my banners in between, but I think this calls for a spot of practise and some new labelling/packaging, just to give myself some more to do. 
I'm hoping to have cute photos of my products 'in action' displayed on my stall too and will need to rope in the help of my two girlies and maybe even their friends... there could be a 'moustache photo montage' coming soon! 
My favourite stall set up so far was for last Easter, I felt my table was fresh and bright but I do feel I need more stock to bulk it out a bit more, or is less more? I guess I need to find a happy balance so the table doesn't look too crammed or too empty! 
O dear, I feel I have a lot to work on. In the meantime here's a pic of my own fave stall set (yes it's all about me!) and some others too that are ingenious, bright and inspiring...

my stall last Easter at the More Than A Mama fayre 

the inspired use of a bright thread rack put to a good purpose as a stand for a whole motley crew of cute finger puppets for abbey*christine
a beautifully romantic vintage display from ittybittybirdy 
 using a chest of drawers to display monda loves' wonderful wares is a fabulous fun idea
and finally I love the use of these old suitcases in Lockette's display.

So, feeling inspired I'm off to do some more thinking and trawling through flickr pics for stall inspiration....
do you use any every day objects in your stall displays? I'd love to hear your ideas...
Have a happy Tuesday, I'm off to put another jumper on, brrrrrr, it's chilly at home today.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

making progress

I've been going on about not being ready for Christmas, with my first pile of decorations cut out and laying in my project box since the summer, looking a lot like this...
I thought I ought to pull my finger out and get a little bit of stitching done, 
now it looks like this...
which is mildly better but no where near the amount needed for all the Christmas Fairs I said I'd do. Why am I doing all these fairs I ask myself, well, you need to make the most of it don't you, especially as January is normally such a slow month. 
Are you doing any fairs this season? I'll put a list of events up here on my blog soon, once I've got organised!

I've been making some personalised Christmas Letter Decorations for the tree too...
these are available in green (dark, mid, light), red, burgundy or white with bright green holly leaves and a red pompom berry and only £2.50/USD4 per letter. I'll have a selection of popular letters made for selling at my various fairs but can make them to order too, contact me direct at or via my Folksy or Etsy shops. 
So, what does this coming week have in store? Well, there's more name banners on their way plus the gingerbread man tutorial I promised, and who know's what else... 
have a great week everyone.

Friday, 8 October 2010

moustache madness

Who doesn't love a fake moustache every now and then? Well, I am loving them at the moment and have read about lots of fantastic Moustache Themed parties on all the party blogs I love to ooo and ahhh over. 

So, a couple of weeks ago I had a fair and I'd been thinking of what to make for the boys as my stall is often  totally girlie, so I bagged me a pack of old-school-style HB pencils, drew me a 'tache template and made some moustache pencil toppers...

I only made 8 for the fair and surprisingly, even though it was a very slow day at the fair, I only had 1 remaining by the end of the day. Even more surprising is that most of them were bought by teenage girls, so much for trying to cater to the boys then, I guess the girls are just natural born shoppers... it's in our genes.

I had to make something else too with the moustache theme, so I made some Moustache Monsters which are actually key rings and some bookmarks (not pictured, sorry)...

So, with my love of the 'tache in mind I thought I'd go on an imaginary Etsy shopping trip and found all these wonderful things that I want want want ...

Do you make anything with a moustache? 
I'd love to know so I can ooo and ahhh over your creations too :o{

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sweet Treats

Following on from my last post, I mentioned about leaving Christmas stock making to the last minute, well, here is one I actually made earlier, just the one mind you, but they can be made to order...

It's my Christmas Candy Sweet Treats Garland, although I do think it could be suitable for all year round. It would look cute at a birthday party, especially if there's a dessert table or maybe a sweet shoppe theme. I had a similar garland in my Etsy shop a little while ago, with a doughnut, rocket ice lolly and ice cream. My lovely customer asked me to tweak it a little to add to a hanging mobile she was making...
...which reminds me that mobiles are still on my 'One Day I'll Make One' list, which is getting longer and longer may I add. I've also made a little new addition to my gingerbread family...
and I shall do a wee tutorial soon on how to make him.
I'll still be making my other gingies though, at some point (see previous post!)...
On a different theme, I've been loving all the moustache parties I've been reading about on lots of party blogs of late and will post details of my own 'tache-tastic creations I've been making next time. If anyone is my friend on facebook you will see my profile pic is of my Maddie holding up her moustache on a stick, makes me chortle every time I see it :o{)

In the meantime, I'm really interested in knowing what you have all been busy creating for the coming Holiday Season or are you saving it for a last minute sewing frenzy like me? I promise I will catch up on my blog reading soon too, I'm so way behind ... bye for now xoxo

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hello Autumn.....

... s'long Summer. It's been raining here...... so, thoughts turn to Autumn and all those gorgeous colours. The new season has inspired me to make some hair accessories for my girls and a few extras too, although not necessarily all in the seasonal colours, I made a blue leaf hair clip for a little girl at school, and why not!

I've roped my girls into doing a spot of modelling for me at the weekend too, we took the pics outside in the garden, in between rain showers and before the light completely faded, the wonders of Picnik and it's amazing edit functions.


With Halloween season coming up I made a new head band for Maddie too with a great big web on it...I'm making a hair clip for Georgie, she's not all that into wearing head bands yet.

I also made an Autumnal Happy Birthday Banner too for a little girl, perfect colours for an October birthday.

Must poodle off now and do some more stitching, it's crazy season soon and I'm already feeling a tad frazzled, need to make a list of all the fairs I said I'd do and get my gingerbread man stocks up! I always start out with good intentions by doing some Christmas cutting out during the Summer months but then it just lies around in my project box waiting for a mad sewing frenzy at the beginning of November! When does everyone else make their Christmas stock? Why can't I get organised and ahead of the game? I guess I'd better stop blogging and get on with it! Hope you all have a happy and productive week :o)