Tuesday, 26 January 2010

one of those months...

I don't know about you but I'm really struggling to get properly motivated this month. I mean look at my blog......this is only my 3rd posting of the year and the 1st one doesn't even count, it was a bit of a lazy token posting of one solitary picture.

Anyway, this week I'm trying to make more of an effort. So, what have I done so far? Well, I've been working on my other blog, More Than A Mama, giving it a bit of a mini-makeover, although it's me that really feels in need of one of those.

I've updated my listings in both my etsy and folksy shops, that took a lot of effort on my part and whilst I was doing that my darling youngest daughter was also very busy, busy painting her finger nails with scarlet nail polish that is, oh and painting the cream carpet in eldest daughter's bedroom. I had thought at the time that she'd gone a bit quiet and hadn't demanded something to eat or drink for about 30 mins, a bit of a record in her short 3 and a half years on this planet.
I googled how to remove BRIGHT red nail polish from a (once) beautiful cream carpet and everywhere is said to use nail polish remover. Well, that might be ok for a lighter shade but now the stain on our carpet has changed to a lovely shade of shocking pink which is very fetching.
I thought it wise to explain to darling eldest daughter that a small accident had occurred in her bedroom whilst she was at school. It has been known for her to have quite the 'drama fit' upon returning to her bedroom, after a hard day of mostly drawing, to find Barbie sitting next to Troy instead of Derek. Well, she took it very well, and stated "not to worry mummy, I've put a rug over it", she is definitely her mother's daughter that's for sure!

Apart from 'nail polish-gate' I've been very busy avoiding doing my tax returns, I'm almost there and will HAVE to have it finished by the final day on 31st Jan. I tell myself I work so much better under pressure and leave it till the very last possible moment, but I'm almost there with that (there I go again, 'putting a rug on it').

I have been making a few new items though AND I've been getting on with my orders like a good girl. I had Valentine's Day in mind when I made these dotty hearts.......

and a couple of new little banners.....

a few little love letters.......

some heart brooches.....

and a Love Bunny, with a ridiculously silly tail that made me giggle as I was making it.....

Orders-wise, I've been making new Toothy Monsters, a birthday cupcake garland and a few more exciting customer orders that are still in the making process......

So, you see, I have been 'doing', just not blogging. My clever friend from Nevie-Pie Cakes made me a new blog button too, although not strictly me 'doing', more her 'doing', but I did add it to my blog.

If you happen to fancy adding my button to your own site, you can find the code over in the left hand column of my blog, be sure to let me know if you do and I will reciprocate, it would be rude not to!

Finally, I was the winner of a gorgeously made heart which arrived today from Carla's blog and it's so lovely. I have hung it in our family room which happens to be green with touches of pink. Actually, calling it a family room sounds rather grand, it's more of a toy room at the moment, but I'm getting there and this pretty heart certainly makes the room lovelier. Thank you Carla, your work is fab.

So there you are, you wait all month for a posting and end up with a whopper of a one, lets hope I can now keep updating my blog at least once a week, here's hoping.


Carla Saraiva said...

Hi Marie!!!
...we know you are working...and doing beautiful things, as you're showing now...lovely things!!!All of them!Aldo that bunny tail...well...it's realy funny!:o)
just don´t go away for so long!!!

Natasha said...

Love the bunny!

hello gorgeous said...

ooo Marie! nail polish-gate - not sure I can say much on that - except :'o( ditto witht the tax return too

On the bright side.....you HAVE been busy! Love the valentine's creations - ESPECIALLY the Mr loves Mrs one! The heart brooches are fabulous too - might just grab a button later - will let you know!

Oh! the heart you received is GORGEOUS - such fabulous colours - I want one! lol! ;o)

Well, here's to keeping productive (I've been tweaking my website in preparation for it's launch - scary!)


hello gorgeous xxx

Charley - Curious Cupcakes said...


I've been reading your blog for a little while and I just wanted to say how much I love your work. I used to craft alot before starting my cupcake business. My favourites are your toothy monsters and the cupcake banners...I really want one but can't decide what to have written on it!!!


Rene Louise said...

You're right it is one of those months, of course it has been one of those months for the past three months for me. :) I absolutly love the work you do and love seeing it on your blog, so keep up the good work!!

HeartfeltHandmade said...

thanks everyone, I've now managed to file my tax returns and the insurance company will pay for (most of) a new carpet! YAY!

thank you to you all for taking the time to comment and leave me such lovely messages xx

Cindy said...

Just found you through hello gorgeous' blog...and let me tell you, I may not have little girls (4 boys), but I can sure appreciate your sweet things! They are all so adorable - like that silly little bunny and the garlands, and the toothy monsters.... :-)