Thursday, 25 February 2010

bunnies and chicks

Bunnies and chicks are popping up all around me in preparation of a few fairs I have stalls at in March. Here are some little fabric bunnies, they have buttons for tails.
I've had fun making these tiny chicks too. Not sure what to do with them though now they are made....... magnets? brooch/pin? a ribbon for hanging? What do you think?........

Monday, 22 February 2010

Corsage Special Offer

Occasionally I have incidents of insomnia, last night was one of those occasions, so whilst watching endless movies on tv I kept crafting and came up with lots of corsages, in lots of colours!
So many in fact, that I thought I would run an offer on them, 3 for £10 (or US$18). They would make ideal Mother's Day gifts and with 3 of them you can give one to mum, mum-in-law and keep one for yourself. If you are interested in this offer please email me this week at, you choose the colours.

They all have brooch backs sewn onto the reverse.
As you can see, they come in all manner of shades. If you don't see a shade you like, them email me and I can make one for you.....
Each one has a matching felt covered button too....

Buy now while stocks last!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Cute Cupcakes

Morning All, I've been featured over on a truly delicious blog called Cute Cupcakes All The Time!

They have found some seriously cute cupcake treasures and my little cupcake name banner is there too, yippee!

Thank you so much, what a glorious blog, a feast for the eyes.

Friday, 19 February 2010

monsters and Kittys

Well, I'm back from a lovely weekend away with mr in very cold and snowy Broadstairs (the ice cream parlour was closed but too cold for all that yummy stuff anyway). Back at home we have almost made it through to the end of half term hols without too much squabbling. My own little monsters have been crafting some monster art ....... and I've been making some scary fellas too. I handed over this motley crew recently, an order for party bag fillers.
Talking of parties, if you love a theme , (and lets face it who doesn't?), clever Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes organised a Hello Kitty birthday party for her eldest, to see her amazing dessert table head on over to her blog, Amelies House, to read more and see her fabulous cake creations...............

Work in progress ............ I'm finishing off an alphabet garland and of course Easter bunnies are multiplying all around me at the moment, pics to come soon!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

love love love

Well, I know I'm a teensy bit premature with my Valentine's day wishes but this is a busy week for me and I need to do this now before I run out of time. I have a weekend away to pack for, just me & mr are off to the seaside for the weekend to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I remember our 1st anniversary so well when I was whisked off to Prague for the weekend, 10 years on and 2 kiddies later, the destination has changed somewhat (it's now Broadstairs) but the sentiment is still there, somewhere beneath the bags under our eyes and the extra pounds (mine) that is. So here is a Valentine's picture of some pretty glittery hearts I made with my girls this week. They were made from tin foil shaped into hearts, covered in PVA glue and red tissue paper, left to dry, smothered in lots more of the sticky stuff and immersed in red glitter - gorgeous!

Other news this week is that I have a couple of new events to get stitching for, firstly a pre-Mother's Day shopping extravaganza from the 'What, this old thing darling' team.....

as well as the latest More Than A Mama fayre, an Easter themed goodies-loaded event at the Town Hall in Berkhamsted, Herts.

Take a look at the blog, there is a fabulous loveheart cookie tutorial over there from the oh so clever Nevie-Pie Cakes...........

Sending you all lots of love this weekend (gorgeous illustration by the very talented Katy Leigh - fellow More Than A Mama comrade).

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

feeling crafty?

I've had a sudden burst of energy! Just added this little kit to my folksy (£) and etsy ($) shops. A few lovely customers have been asking me if I make any crafty sew it yourself kits so this is the first of many I hope!

Phew, 2 postings in one day, I'd better go lie down!

seeing stars......

Hi all, I'm afraid I'm having another week of dragging my heels, I should be working on my Easter projects and my 'crafty kits for crafty folk' but instead I've been updating my etsy shop with some, not new, but refreshed items. I took some new colourful pics to show my range of name banners altogether as one big happy felt family. I've added the circle style to my repertoire plus the new bright stars banner for 'Zach', which was a pressie for my friend's new (7 week old) gorgeous little man.

I've been making some 'one colour' Toothy Monsters too. I tend to make them in bright multi-colours normally but decided to make these ones in simple shades, nothing too busy this time.

I need to update my folksy shop again though, but I must admit I've become a little disheartened with it this week. This all began when I happened to do a search for one of my items to see where it came up in the list of items available, BIG mistake. I came across an item from another seller soooooo similar to one of mine with the exact SAME blurb in the description that it couldn't have just been a coincidence, most annoying. I must remember an excellent piece of advice I received though, to always concentrate on your own creativity not that of your competitors, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.

So, with that mantra in mind all I can do is carry on doing what I'm doing, but try to do it better and not worry what other people are selling. Well, I shall try and do that, I know it's tricky in this felt world where there's so many talented artisans, you take inspiration from everywhere and sometimes you make something that you think is well and truly your own original idea only to find it's been made already, maybe in a different style but already there nonetheless. Well, there's room for everyone in this artistic world so I shall have another coffee and get on with my stitching.

I'm working on some fabulous hello kitty brooches as party favors plus some scary monster key rings and necklace kits, also for party favors, plus a bright alphabet garland and a name garland, so enough wallowing in self-doubt, lets get this show on the road and sew, sew, sew...........