Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cake + Cake = Happy Mothers Day

We had High Tea for brunch today! Lots of cake and tea/coffee/pink lemonade/apple juice (delete as appropriate). There were marshmallows and strawberries too, along with sugar mice cookies, scones, finger sandwiches (cucumber or strawberry jam) and some crisps too. Nothing too healthy! 
It was lovely. Thank you girls (and Mr) for a lovely day, so far............



Happy Mothers Day Marie, looks like you've had a great day with your girls x

Natasha said...

Oooh lucky you, I got breakfast in bed and they are in the kitchen making my tea now!

winnibriggs said...

Hello Marie
Yumm!! that sounds lovely. We were away for the weekend so missed out on tea with family but will make up for it later. We did have a nice meal out though and I got some lovely books and flowers before I went away.
Well done your family for making it so special.
Regards Jenny x

lillalotta said...

O you were so spoiled! Wonderful photos!