Wednesday, 16 February 2011

earlier this week... may have noticed it was Valentines Day, well, I'm not interested in extravagant flowers, chocolates, diamonds, no, really I'm not, I'm more of a 'happy with a card' or a sweet gesture, or a Chinese takeaway type of gal. However, the kids love a theme and who am I to deny them, so somehow I managed to cobble together a little Valentine's Tea for them and a few little friends, the photos are a bit naff as I didn't get a chance to photograph all the goodies in natural light, but here's a little insight...

...firstly I had a go at making my own Valentines Day wreath, this one actually started out as my Christmas wreath but I never got round to finishing it!
Then, remember the sparkly heart cake toppers I made?
well, I cheated a little and bought some 'ready-made' fairy cakes, popped them into heart themed cake cases, swirled on a generous dollop of pink vanilla butter cream icing, yummy, and added a sparkly topper, et voila...
I even had an attempt at making a bunting cake topper for a teeny coconut sponge cake, that we added heart-shaped marshmallows to, using the aforementioned butter cream as 'glue'...
...and there you have it, a speedy Valentines tea, over and done with for another year.
Also, the winner of my Valentine's Giveaway, Sarah from FunkyFairy, received her goodies...
I'm nearly at 600 'likers' on Facebook, so maybe I'll run another giveaway then :o) so get 'liking' everyone!
Have a lovely remainder of the week all.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


I have some news....2 bits of news actually, first off I met up with the lovely Patricia from Miss Gracie recently and enjoyed a coffee and a lovely chat, isn't it great how you get to meet some super people just through blogging, twittering and facebooking! Anyway, firstly Patricia presented me with this gorgeous collection of freebies, 
my girls  them so much and have not wanted to wear anything else in their hair since...

...then we discussed me making some goodies for her cute website, so watch this space, more shall be revealed, I'm just really pleased to be working with Patricia.

Also, isn't it funny how things happen somethings, they just kind of fall into place and make sense. I know it's a rare thing, that's why I fancied mentioning it. Little did I know 3 years ago when I embarked on my Heartfelt Handmade journey, that all the self taught social media marketing and self promotion that I've learnt along the way could lead me into a 'proper' job, well it has, fancy that eh? This is my first week at a local firm, within walking distance, doing just the things I like, during the hours that fit round school and there you have it, me... with a job, yikes. I'm still keeping up with Heartfelt though as the majority of the stitching gets done in the evenings anyway. So, there you have it, that's my news for this week. Blog posts may be on the thin side for a bit while I get into a bit of a routine, so I'm off to bed now for a snooze, note to self: stop 1am blogging.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

and the winner is.....


Sarah from FunkyFairy - well done! 
Please email me with your address Sarah (
Thank you to everyone who joined in with my little Valentines Giveaway and took time to leave a lovely comment and follow my blog, Facebook and Twitter
I'll be running an Easter giveaway too so check back soon :o) 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

blue love

I had the urge this afternoon to make a Treasury on Etsy, I was inspired by the gorgeous heart in a jar art print from A life through the lens so here it is, lots of lovely powdery blue and a touch of red, yummy.


It's time.....the Valentine's Day giveaway is here, hurrah! 
Fancy a love filled delivery that could very possibly and almost definitely include something like this...
a cupcake decoration?

an owl embellishment?

a corsage?

a hot pink 'tache?
sparkling cupcake toppers?

Well a goody bag full of such delights and more could be yours, all you need to do is leave me a comment here on this blog post and you will be entered into the free prize draw. You can gain extra entries by becoming a follower on Facebook or Twitter or here on my blog, be sure to let me know when you make your comment if you are a new follower on any of these, or indeed if you already follow me :o)
Thanks for taking part, the winner will be picked at random on Sunday 6th Feb, also the competition is open worldwide, good luck!