Saturday, 14 May 2011

Birdies for miss gracie

 You may remember a couple of months back I received a wholesale order from the very lovely Miss Gracie. If you are not familiar with this wonderful site, then hop on over and take a look at all the gorgeous hair bows available. 
My daughters are the very proud owners of several and love love love them.

In the 'What's New' section you will find this green dotty bird hair clip holder, a design that is exclusive to Miss Gracie and is not available anywhere else and made by none other than me :)

Same goes for my matching Tooth Fairy Pillow Birdie (the tooth is placed in his wing). 

So if you fancy getting hold of these then head on over to Miss Gracie, while stocks last! 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another year older

Can't believe it but my youngest turned 5 on Friday and we've been enjoying a week long celebration, that's what happens when you hold the party the weekend before the actual day! 

So, we started out with a party at a local gym, with bouncy floor, trampoline, ceiling swing, huge slide and many more child-energy-user-uppers, as well as the parents who just HAD to have a go on most of the apparatus too!  
Of course the birthday girl had to have a turn on the parachute while 
we all sang 'Happy Birthday'.

We had a special chocolate cake made by the, always wonderful, Nevie-Pie Cakes. We asked for a pastel pink and yellow dotty creation and she did not disappoint us, it was gorgeous and completely delicious as ever. I wanted it plain as I planned to decorate the top with some cake bunting that I had made and Georgie and her big sis painted a large cardboard '5'. I added a little last minute bunting trim around the bottom of the cake too, just using the party napkins, although it got a little squashed in transit. 

Would you believe, preparations began many months before the special date, collecting pink and yellow goodies here, there and everywhere and placing them in our PARTY BOX, which always seems to contain a 'party in progress' (I mean, we've already started collecting white, black and hot pink goodies for big girl's 8th birthday in ..... December!!). Cute bunting and pink pegs below purchased from the fabulous Reilly & Moss.

Of course I HAD to add a Heartfelt Handmade creation to the goody bags, so I made some pink and yellow windmill hair clips for the girls and some silly moustache bookmarks for the boys...


I even had a go at making some lemon and chocolate (separate flavours, not mixed up) cupcakes, which I kept just for the grown ups, well the kids had their marshmallow pops as well as a plethora of party rings, choc chip cookies, plain marshmallows and other sugar filled delights.

Lots of fun was had by all ...

... only to do it all again, on a much smaller scale, with a picnic in the garden on her actual birthday, with lots of bubble blowing.

Happy 5th Birthday Georgie!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥