Tuesday, 15 January 2013


So, this morning I logged into my facebook page only to see that I was at 2999 likers. Woah there, what a lot of lovely likers, thank you muchly. So, as you do, I thought it was worth an ickle mention (secretly hoping not to instantly lose anyone in the process). An hour later I've whooshed past the 3000 mark and have been doing a happy dance all morning. 
Of course, it really goes without saying, that I love you blog lot too.....you have been listening to my ramblings for a looooong time!

Now, I don't normally do this, I hate the camera, and I don't know how to pose properly, plus I don't really take many things very seriously, even when it's just me at home alone with my camera, trying to take a self portrait and not looking too much of a doofus. 
Anywho, I thought it would only be polite to say, 
"HELLLOOOOOOO! This is me!!".

 Don't zoom in too close, I didn't have a chance to airbrush or remove the shine!

Hopefully I won't scare off too many followers after this ;-)
Most people celebrate with a giveaway (I may still rustle one up very soon) but no, I give you my face instead - lucky you!! Sorry about that.
Have a happy Tuesday!



The Sewing Boutique said...

I did laugh out loud at the "fish face" pose!!

Huge congrats on reaching 3000, thats amazing, well done you!!

Rhi @ The Sewing Boutique x

Twinkle Star said...

Hello back! (I am totally camera shy - no chance of me putting my face out there lol! Although you may spot a hand or arm!)

Well done on 3000+, really fab!

Hugs, Estelle xx

Lou La La said...

Lovely to see you pretty :-) xx

Traceyr said...

lol nice to see you too ... i think? lol

Happy Easter :)