Friday, 4 January 2013

Party Pandas & a flourish of flamingos

At some point during the crazy making that took over December, my big girl turned 9! 
This year's birthday theme, chosen by the little lady herself, was Pandas. 'I' had wanted a 'Sleeping on Cloud 9' party theme as she had also chosen to have a slumber party and 'I' love all things cloud-like and 'I' had been pinning ideas to my pinterest 'On Cloud 9' board forever and 'I' wanted to make the girls cloud cushions, and 'I'...... well, it wasn't about me was it, so I quickly moved on once Maddie had made it clear that Pandas were the only option. Although pinterest board you are still there and not forgotten, maybe my youngest will humour me in a couple of years time! 

So, Panda's it was and I'm very pleased too as it's a rather cute theme. I still made the party bags, well, designed a transfer (I used to layer up shapes and make the panda design below) then ironed it onto ready made drawstring bags I bought from ebay, which is almost the same right?. 

In the party bags we had: Panda eye masks, which are on sale on, Panda high-lighter pens from Paperchase and panda keyrings and badges from It was so much fun getting together all the panda goodies. I spent a bit more than usual as I didn't need to fill as many party bags. I went for quality not quantity this time round.

Please feel free to use this Panda motif for your own personal use, just right click and save it. Add some pink circles for rosy cheeks if you like!

Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes delivered the goodies, literally, with an amazingly special birthday cake and party favor cookies - delicious and adorable! 

The paper ball decorations, only £1 each, were a find at Wilko's. The plastic popcorn tubs were from Jess at Reilly & Moss, we used these during movie time. 
Maddie's name banner was made by me, last year, for her 8th birthday, which was a spa party theme, oops, never got around to posting pics of that one!.

 photo: Nevie-Pie Cakes

The large number 9 was drawn freehand onto the side of a cardboard box, cut out, painted white and decorated with washi tape stripes. A very quick and easy DIY craft.

We played some games too, one was the crazy nail polish game. All you need are 5 bottles of colourful nail polish and using a permanent marker numbered them from 1 to 5. Then each girl took turns in rolling the dice. Which ever number it landed on, they painted one nail that colour. As there were 6 of them it took a while so we divided the game in half, completed one hand before the movie, then the other one after. 

We also played 'Get Lippy' which I bought from Talking Tables. It's a great kid-friendly truth or dare game with some amusing results. 'Pretend to be sumo wrestlers' was a particular favourite!

Panda Cookies - photo courtesy of Nevie-Pie Cakes

The party was fab, apart from it being a sleepover, which I knew really meant 'no-sleep' over but 1.30am? That was when they finally went to sleep. They didn't arise until 8 am the next morning though and they sat around the kitchen table eating cereal, pancakes and mini muffins - all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, whilst I hung around skulking, all dark shadowed eyes and chain drinking coffee! Ha ha.

Oh, I almost forgot, I designed a door sign for Maddie's bedroom door too, I reversed it and printed it onto t-shirt fabric transfer paper, then ironed it onto some white fabric, sewed it onto a large circle of black felt with a ribbon for hanging, sorry no picture of the finished creation, but hopefully you get the idea. You could print it onto card stock too for a paper version. Another easy DIY craft.

Less than a week later, I snuck in a couple of small girlie soirees of my own, to celebrate my rather LARGE birthday....
I'm 40!!!!
Again, the lovely Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes (how blinking lucky am I to have a cake artist supremo as a buddy? *smug face*) made an amazing pink and sparkly flamingo themed masterpiece.

 Although I'd chosen a flamingo theme for my girls night in with a few gal pals (I'd already been out for a drinky night with gal pals too - but it's a BIG birthday, so 2 girly nights are fine, right?). I had managed to get some flamingo drinking straws and food picks in, but what with all the Christmas sewing etc. I was rather low on the pink feathered decor. Thankfully my friends did not let me down, they brought inflatable pink flamingos, a homemade flamingo pinata (too funny for words), tonnes of bubbly, some nibbles and loads of fab pressies too. I was spoilt! 

The next birthday party is my little Georgie, she will be 7 in May, now she'd really like a build-a-bear party so not much for me to do there as the venue provides all the party food and decor, although we always need cake and party bags....I've already started pinning

What are your favourite party themes? I'm keen on a fawn-themed party too at some point...another pinterest board is in progress for that one, maybe I need more children, or possibly just throw more parties - sounds like a better option!

Have fun!


Twinkle Star said...

Fab party theme - the panda is so cute! I do love planning my kids parties, just recently had a vintage mermaid/faded pirates one for my daughter.

Happy belated Birthday to you too!

Estelle xx

Vanilla Frost Cakes said...

Wow! What fab parties you have round your way. The pictures are amazing. Happy birthday x